Need More or Different I/O for your Universal Robot? The G-Series is a great solution

Have you ever wished your robot could do MORE?  You’re not alone, we’ve been asked many times if we could add functions that were simply unavailable from UR and the UR+ program.  The Crevis GN-9289 Modbus TCP/UDP Network Adapter can be utilized with CB and e-Series Universal Robots. Communicating over Modbus TCP makes it easy to add or substitute I/O on your Universal Robot.

I/O Modules can be added to open up the UR platform to many additional options

  • Solid State AC Digital Inputs & Outputs for switching higher power devices like hydraulic valves or conveyor motors
  • Analog Inputs (Voltage, Current) for measuring sensors, pressure transducers, flow measurements, etc.
  • Analog Outputs (Voltage, Current)
  • Serial Communication Modules for Barcode Verification, RFID read/write, Printers, etc.
  • Thermocouple / RTD Modules for Temperature Measurement
  • Absolute Encoder Modules for positional verification
  • External Load Cell Modules for detecting force or weight

Contact us about your application and we’ll help you with setting up the G-Series with your robot.