CC-Link IE Field on the iQ-R PLC

Looking for a way to improve your CC-Link IE Field remote I/O on the iQ-R PLC?  The Crevis G-Series is the best solution for modular slice I/O on the CC-Link IE Field Gigabit network.  The GN-9285 dual port network adapter makes for a cost effective solution when modular I/O is best suited.

The G-Series provides space savings on the back panel as well as providing a gateway to additional types of actuators & sensors.

  • Internal Bus Speed:  1 ms (In/Out 128 bytes)
  • Module Expansion: 63 I/O Slots
  • Network Module (Width): 54mm
  • I/O Module (Width): 12mm
  • Digital Modules: PNP, NPN, Solid State AC or Relay
  • Analog Modules: Voltage, Current, RTD, Thermocouple, Load Cell
  • Specialty Modules: Encoder, SSI Encoder, RS232, RS422, RS485, H.S. Counter and Stepper Control

When using the iQ-R series modules, the CC-Link IE Field network can have up to 120 stations in a line/star or ring topology.  This network provides Gigabit bandwidth to accommodate all your Industry 4.0 needs.

Watch this short tutorial on setting up the GN-9285 Network Adapter to communicate with an iQ-R PLC.