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Absolute Encoders to Absolutely Know the Position

SSI Single Turn or Multi Turn Absolute Encoder positions can be read by the GT-5352 SSI encoder module.  This technology is often used in equipment where devices need to be positioned for processing like cut off saws, lift locations and rotary locations on bottling equipment or wind turbines.  This SSI […]

GIGABIT: The Need for Speed

Does your facility have a need for more data?  Want to build your infrastructure on tomorrow’s technology, today?  Then CC-Link IE Field Gigabit technology is the answer.  The unique network while based on Ethernet is designed with Cyclic and Transient communication capabilities.  The Cyclic is a synchronous deterministic communication that […]

Get More for Less with CC-Link IE Field Basic

CC-Link IE Field Basic is a protocol in the CC-Link family of networks.  The CC-Link family is a global leader in industrial communications and is widely used in factory and process systems. The IE Field Basic protocol is using general-purpose 100Mbps TCP Ethernet technology which can be easily applied to […]