Automation & Mission Controller: Endless Possibilities for Mobile Robots

The Crevis GN-9372 controller with built-in Modbus Master & Slave capability provides additional functionality for mobile robots like the MiR100/MiR200/MiR500 and MiR1000 products.  On-board automation like;

  • Shelf / Rack latching devices
  • Sensor feedback for verification of on-board devices
  • Actuator control & position feedback
  • On-board inventory tracking
  • Load / Unloading devices for totes

is easy to interface with the GN-9372.

In addition it can also be used to interface with workers to control;

  • Part requests
  • Set delivery destinations (Missions)
  • Perform subroutines
  • Command additional tasks
  • Barcode verification

Contact us for details on how to setup this up with the mobile robots.