Get More for Less with CC-Link IE Field Basic

CC-Link IE Field Basic is a protocol in the CC-Link family of networks.  The CC-Link family is a global leader in industrial communications and is widely used in factory and process systems.

The IE Field Basic protocol is using general-purpose 100Mbps TCP Ethernet technology which can be easily applied to small-scale equipment and is easy to use and develop.  Realizing cyclic/transient communication on the CC-Link IE field network by software.

The Crevis GN-9284 network adapter utilizes the IE Field Basic protocol and it is conformance certification tested by the CLPA (CC-Link Partners Association)

A common application for the GN-9284 network adapter would be in systems utilizing the L, Q, iQ-F and iQ-R PLCs from Mitsubishi Electric.  This network adapter is utilized when remote slice I/O is advantageous and/or as a gateway for other technologies.  For instance;

  • High density digital I/O
  • AC digital I/O
  • 16 bit analog
  • SSI encoders
  • Load cell inputs

are just a few of the slices that are additive to the PLC technology.

Thanks to CC-Link’s easy-of-use, the GN-9284 can be set up and running in just a minutes.

Check out the tutorial video