GIGABIT: The Need for Speed

Does your facility have a need for more data?  Want to build your infrastructure on tomorrow’s technology, today?  Then CC-Link IE Field Gigabit technology is the answer.  The unique network while based on Ethernet is designed with Cyclic and Transient communication capabilities.  The Cyclic is a synchronous deterministic communication that gets updated every few milliseconds and the asynchronous on-demand messaging (Transient) is other communication that gets fit into the bandwidth without effecting the Cyclic update rate.

"GIGABIT: The Need for Speed"

At the time of this blog, Crevis is the only manufacturer of Slice I/O for this CC-Link IE Field network.  The GN-9285 network adapter is a dual port device that aids in the star, line or ring topologies.  The G-Series modular Slice I/O offers lower cost per I/O and a variety that can’t be matched by brick designs.

So if your application requires more, then check out CC-Link IE Field