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Connecting Things

At Crevis, we’ve been in the business of “Connecting Things” for decades.  The G-Series connects sensors, actuators and data to other devices like DCS systems, databases, PLCs, and now the cloud. Whether it’s one connection or hundreds, these are just a few of the Things that get monitored. Digital On […]

CC-Link IE Field on the iQ-R PLC

Looking for a way to improve your CC-Link IE Field remote I/O on the iQ-R PLC?  The Crevis G-Series is the best solution for modular slice I/O on the CC-Link IE Field Gigabit network.  The GN-9285 dual port network adapter makes for a cost effective solution when modular I/O is […]

Need More or Different I/O for your Universal Robot? The G-Series is a great solution

Have you ever wished your robot could do MORE?  You’re not alone, we’ve been asked many times if we could add functions that were simply unavailable from UR and the UR+ program.  The Crevis GN-9289 Modbus TCP/UDP Network Adapter can be utilized with CB and e-Series Universal Robots. Communicating over […]