Analog Input, 8 Channels, RTD, 20P Connector



Module Specifications

Inputs per module8 Channels
Indicators8 Green Input status
Sensor TypesRTD
PT100, PT200, PT500, PT50 -200~850°c
PT1000 -200~350°c
JPT100, JPT200, JPT500, JPT50 -200~640°c
JPT1000 -200~350°c
NI100, NI200, NI500 -60~250°c
NI1000 -60~180°c
NI120 -80~260°c
NI1000LG -50~120°c

Resistance Input Input Range
100mΩ/bit 0~2000Ω
10mΩ/bit 0~327Ω
20mΩ/bit 0~620Ω
50mΩ/bit 0~1200Ω)
Connection Method2, 3-Wire
Conversion Time< 150ms, All Channel
Module Accuracy PT100, PT1000 : ±0.5℃ Full Scale @ 25℃ ambient
±0.1% Full Scale @ 25℃ ambient
±0.3% Full Scale @ -40,70℃ ambient
Resolution of DataRTD Type : ±0.1℃ / F , Resitance Type : 100m, 10m, 20m, 50m
DiagnosticSensor open or range over, then conversion data = 0x8000(-32768)
Power dissipationMax. 120mA @ 5.0Vdc
IsolationI/O to Logic : Isolation
Field power : Not Connected
Field PowerNot used, Field power bypass to next expansion module
Wiring20 Pin Connector
Module Size12mm x 99mm x 70mm


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