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Digital Input 4 Points, 120Vac, 10RTB



GT-12DF Digital Inputs, 16pt, 24VDC (Sink or Source)

Inputs per module4 Points Sink type
Indicators4 Green input state
ON–state Voltage120V ac nominal
Min. 85Vac to Max. 132Vac
ON-state current7.5mA maximum/point @120Vac
Minimum OFF- state Voltage45Vac maximum
Input Signal DelayOFF to ON : 30mS @ 120Vac
ON to OFF : 130mS @ 120Vac
Nominal Input Impedance17.5KΩ typical
Frequency Range60Hz
COMMON Type4 Points / 4 Common ( L2/N )
Power dissipation30mA maximum @ 5.0Vdc
IsolationI/O to Logic : Photocoupler isolation
Field PowerField Power passes through to the next module.
Supply Voltage : 24Vdc
Voltage Range : 15 ~ 32Vdc
(AC Power Not Used)
WiringI /O Cable Max. 2.0mm2(AWG 14)
Module Size12mm x 99mm x 70mm

General Specification

System PowerSupply voltage : 24Vdc nominal
Supply voltage range : 16~32Vdc
Protection : Output current limit (Min. 1.5A)
Reverse polarity protection
Power DissipationRefer to Network Adapter Manual
Current for I/O Module1.5A @ 5Vdc (When using in ‘60℃ ~ 70℃’ temperature environment,
the power dissipation is limited to 0.8A.)
IsolationSystem power to internal logic : Non-isolation
System power I/O driver : Isolation
Field PowerSupply voltage : 24Vdc typical (Max. 32Vdc)
* Field Power Range is different depending on IO Module series.
Refer to IO Module`s Specification.
Max. Current Field Power ContactDC 10A Max.
Module Size54mm x 99mm x 70mm


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